Eagles claim closest match of round

Hatherleigh 59 d Robe 58

THE closest match of the round began in wet and slippery conditions, with Robe settling better early in the first quarter, taking a three-goal lead, but Hatherleigh came back strongly in the second half of the term, with some solid work from Megan Allan at goal shooter.

Passing errors from Hatherleigh allowed Robe back in with scores even at quarter time.

TIGHT CONTEST: Keely Mason looks to score for Robe in her side’s one-goal loss. Picture: KAREN GOULD

In the second quarter, with conditions drying out somewhat, Robe again started well to take an early lead.

The contest became more free flowing as the quarter progressed, with both attacking ends getting on top.

Hatherleigh made the best of it, taking a slender three-point lead to the half-time break.

The third quarter went goal-fo- goal with both teams finding space and finishing off with accurate shooting.

Allan continued her strong work under the post and enjoyed excellent support from Kelsey Wight at goal attack.

At the other end Keely Mason at goal attack was well on top, receiving strong support from Felicity Carter at goal shooter.

Robe finished the quarter strongly, heading into the last break with a narrow one-goal lead and set up an exciting last quarter.

The final term saw desperate defensive work from both teams with many turnovers resulting.

Courtney Mesecke provided strong defensive pressure at wing attack, with several vital touches.

Hatherleigh held on in the end to claim a tough one-goal victory.

Kalangadoo 61 d Mount Burr 37

MOUNT Burr’s Sophie Falting started at goal attack for her first A grade game at the age of just 13 and performed well against a tough Kalangadoo defensive.

Both teams started strong and shot with accuracy while Mount Burr’s Laura Schultz and Kalangadoo’s Jayde Peacock ran the centre well.

However, Kalangadoo took an 18-8 advantage to the first break.

This forced Mount Burr to make changes to start the second quarter with Chloe Vanderhorst coming on at wing defence, Amelia Whitehead going to the bench, Megan Thiele going into goal keeper and Ann Guyett into goal defence.

In contrast Kalangadoo made no changes.

Mount Burr started the quarter strong, with Thiele creating many turn overs, but  the Kalangadoo defensive pressure all over the court made it hard for the side to score.

Kalangadoo’s Jenna Paproth worked consistently and fed the ball well, with her side extending its lead going to the half-time break.

Mount Burr made further changes, with Sophie Falting going to the bench, Whitehead into goal defence, Guyett into wing attack and Kate Nowak into goal attack.

Again Kalangadoo stuck with its initial line up and continued to play strong, pressure netball, with Kirsty Egan running the wing attack well, also feeding her goalies with precision passing.

Mount Burr struggled in attack due to the defensive pressure of Kalangadoo’s Leah Ousey and Mikaela Pitt.

Paproth and Sarah Croser combined well in the circle and finished off well.

Kalangadoo went into the final term with a 20-goal lead, again forcing Mount Burr to make changes to its line up, and once again remaining unchanged itself.

For Mount Burr Schultz went into goal attack, Vanderhorst to centre and Nowak to wing attack.

Mount Burr made many unforced errors in the final term with Kalangadoo taking every advantage of every loose ball.

Theile put immense pressure on the Kalangadoo shooters, but once again the returned pressure made it difficult for Mount Burr to score.

In the end Kalangadoo ran away with a strong victory.

Glencoe 41 d Nangwarry 37

GLENCOE goaler Sarah Kasparian used her height and accuracy to dominate the first quarter.

Cassie Dinnison worked tirelessly in defence for the Saints but the goalies could not capitalise through the centre and in their goal circle.

As the game progressed Tammy Smith came into her own and shot eight for the quarter while Kasparian shot 12, to give Glencoe a three-goal lead at the first break.

The second quarter saw both teams struggle to convert the first goal, with poor passes by both sides.

Again the Nangwarry goalies missed opportunities under the ring, while Glencoe relied heavily on Kasparian.

The defensive pressure of Dinnison and Kayla Gray lifted up a notch, while Nangwarry’s overall pressure through the centre area improved, but the shooters still could not capitalise in the ring, but still managed to win the quarter by two goals.

Both teams made changes going into the third term, with Glencoe’s Ebony McDiarmid going to goal keeper, Rebecca Edwards to goal defence and for Nangwarry Teresa Stewart went to centre, Danni McKinnon to wing defence and Taylah McKeon to wing attack.

Nangwarry’s defence was tight and neither team dominated, with poor passing again letting both sides down.

Kasparian shot well, scoring eight for the quarter.

In the final quarter Glencoe was dominant early, again Kasparian the focal point with 13 for the term.

Both teams had opportunities but could not finish off and Nangwarry’s poor passing was the difference in the end, providing Glencoe the chance to increase the lead and take the game by 4 goals.

Port MacDonnell 65 d Kongorong 35

TRADITIONAL cross-town rivals Port MacDonnell and Kongorong faced off in cold and wet conditions at the Bay.

Port MacDonnell was off to a strong start, creating plenty of defensive turnovers and capitalising with early scoreboard pressure.

Belinda Scott and Ash Heald applied plenty of pressure to battle the height of Tabatha Sanderson, who was able to score accurately when given the opportunity.

Michelle Moore was impressive on the attacking wing, delivering the precision passing into her goalers Toni Gilmore and Tamara Ferguson who were able to find the post and convert.

Pree Jennings and Allison Anderson continued to create option for the visitors to find their goalies, but the tight defensive pressure saw of the home side hold Kongorong to only eight goals for the term, while managing to score 20.

The second term saw Kongorong reshuffle its line up, swapping Jennings and Allison Anderson from centre to wing attack respectively, Tiia Pelkonen back into the defensive circle and Kayla Earl out to wing defence.

Port MacDonneel remained unchanged.

Sarah Lucas and Tiia Pelkonen worked overtime to try and curb the influence of Gilmore and Ferguson, who continued to find space and convert accurately while at the other end, again when given the opportunity, and despite the continued pressure from Scott, Heald and Marie Lewis, Sanderson was able to continue her side’s increase on the scoreboard.

Megan Hein and Anderson battled hard for their respective sides, both creating plenty of options and accurate delivery.

Half time saw Port MacDonnell hold a decisive 36-18 lead.

Both sides made changes entering into the third quarter, with Ashley Earl for coming on to wing defence for Port MacDonnell, while Kongorong swapped its defence, putting Pelkonen out to goal defence and Lucas back under the post.

Port MacDonnell was lucky to get a few early turnovers, with Moore again consistently presenting for every option and again delivering accurately to her goalies.

Anderson and Hein were enjoying a good tussle, both driving strong when required.

Sanderson continued to score for her side, despite on court pressure from Port MacDonnell.

The final quarter saw the home side hold the visitors to just six goals.

Heald and Scott worked well, shutting down the supply and were able to snap up any missed shots.

Lucas and Pelkonen at the other end did not give an inch and made Gilmore and Ferguson work for every possession, who were still able to find the post and finish off for the home side.

Anderson and Sanderson were consistent for the visitors while Scott in her 250th game and  Moore had standout performances for Port MacDonnell.

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