Millicent Under 15 footballers WB premiers in 2016

MILLICENT’S Under 15 footballers are the toast of the town after a rousing Western Border football grand final victory over South Gambier.

The victory came despite the Demons getting off to a solid start in the opening term.

South found the big sticks first, but Millicent soon hit back to even the score.

The Demons had the advantage of the wind and held the majority of possession, but could not create a decisive break against the tough Saints defence.

By the first break South held a seven-point margin, but Millicent soon changed that in the second term.

After an arm wrestle to start the quarter, which saw a rushed behind to the Saints, Jack Verbena found the big sticks for Millicent to even the scores.

MIGHTY SAINTS: Millicent Under 15 Western Border football premiers.

MIGHTY SAINTS: Millicent Under 15 Western Border football premiers.

Soon after another goal pushed the Saints ahead, with a 13-point margin at the half-time break.

The third term saw neither side able to break away, despite an early goal to the Saints through Tom Ferguson.

South’s Henri Capewell pulled down a big mark and played on, delivering an accurate pass to Ryan Harry who subsequently converted a major, with the Demons now closing the margin.

When Capewell snapped his own crumbed goal, the margin was just seven points and the game was once again alive.

But the Saints rallied after the final break to add a further four goals and run out convincing 40-point victors.

Millicent vice captain Hamish McRae was named best on ground in an impressive team effort.

Final score: Millicent 10.6 (66) def. South 4.2 (26).

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